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We understand that you are a dental professional and not a vehicle designer. We have spent years collaborating with dental professionals out in the field so we can provide what you will need. We have substantial experience with the manufacturing protocols of Mobile Dental/Medical Clinics and the selection of the necessary equipment. Our Mobile Clinics are subject to extensive shock & vibration tests as well as environmental tests. Customers are assured that our quality & innovative Mobile Clinics are trustworthy, reliable and include the necessary equipment and body graphics.

Mobile Dental Coaches for Rental and Sale

These coaches are available for lease and can be modified to fit your application. These coaches' features include:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Wheelchair Lifts
  • Leveling System
  • Generator
  • Shore Power Hook-Up

If Fire, Storm, Earthquack, and other Natural or Manmade disasters prevent you from practicing dentistry, call us. We can help. We have Dental Trailers equipped with 2, 3, 4 or more Dental Chairs and associated equipment to put you back practicing quickly.

We will also handle insurance claims with your insurance company to get you practicing dentistry expeditiously. Leases are for one month minimum. Longer leases offer lower rates.


Dental Trailer
Mobile Dental Office

Inside View of Dental Trailers & Drawings of Mobile Dental Trailers

Dental Trailer
Dental Trailer
Dental Trailer
Dental Trailer
Dental Trailer

Ergonomic Work Area

Click on image to view floor plan

Ergonomic Work Area

Click on image to view floor plan

Floorplan with Digital Panoramic system

Click on image to view floor plan

(Why Panoramic System?)

Used or New Dental Coaches for Sale

We have used or new Coaches that can be equipped with Dental Equipment. Some may be available already equipped with Dental equipment for shipment Globally.

Some of these coaches are "ready to go", however, each one of these coaches is available for refurbishment or conversion for your specific application and decor.

Call us with your requirement or email us.

new dental coaches

Dental Office in Modified Containers For Sale

We have successfully converted Ocean Type Containers to Dental Clinics, Medical Clinics, Business Office, Modular Live in House, FEMA Housing Module, Mobile Command Modules and more. This is a very cost effective process to modify existing 20 ft, 40ft and 45 ft Containers to the numerous usages imaginable. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology can transform the "Rectangular Containers" to Dental & Medical Clinics and more. These modified Containers can be economically shipped Globally. Look at all the drawings depicting various applications that may be of interest to you.

Detnal container

mobile dental clinic
for sale / rental
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We sell, rent and export all types of mobile vehicles, including medical van, medical coaches, medical trailer, mobile dental clinics, mobile dental vans, new & used dental coaches, refurbished medical coaches & trailer and dental office in modified ocean type containers globally. We also provide medical trailer and medical coaches for rental in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and more countries.