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  • Homeland Security
  • Exhibit
  • Medical
  • The lowest cost mobile format to perform your mobile services
  • Aluminum and fiberglass bodies are available for long life service
  • Choice of gasoline or diesel chassis tailor this product to your needs
  • From 12' to 28' long x up to 102" wide bodies to offer you ample interior space
  • Swing doors or sliding driver/passenger doors
  • This handsome stylish coach is an asset to any business or department.
  • Plenty of work surfaces and storage contributes to a friendly work area.
  • A variety of rear access doors are available to fit your project needs.
  • Front seat can rotate 180° for increased useable space.
  • Versatility in interior design will tailor this unit to your particular needs.

Medical Van Benefits

Freedom to offer efficient healthcare service

Our medical van is designed, equipped and assembled to provide health care services to people across the country. Services can range from simple exam, lab testing, bone density testing, dental treatment and minor surgery to name a few.

Cost Effectiveness

Generally, building permanent medical care center requires housing, money, staff, etc. Therefore, we come up with cost saving solutions for you to treat patients without any worry. And it’s good to have a medical van when there is issue like natural disaster, fire or national emergency in order to continue your practice.

Proven Design

Our KB medical van makes it easy to drive anywhere. All units are designed, assembled and tested to meet the safety standards. Each van has features like heating and air conditioning, wheel chair lifts, leveling system, generator, shore power hook-up and many more.

Enhance Health Care

Mobile Medical Van allows to enhance your practice for rural, slum, poverished, urban and remotely located communities, business parks, school children, retirement and nursing home members and many others.

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We sell, rent and export all types of mobile vehicles, including medical van, medical coaches, medical trailer, mobile dental clinics, mobile dental vans, new & used dental coaches, refurbished medical coaches & trailer and dental office in modified ocean type containers globally. We also provide medical trailer and medical coaches for rental in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and more countries.