Why a Dentist would buy a Panoramic System?

panoramic system

There are several opinions about why a Dentist would buy a Panoramic X-Ray System.

  • Actual price of a Digital Pan (For example $19,995.00) is not the true cost for Dentists as they are entitled to tax breaks and/or expense it as a capital expenditure depending on their tax brackets. The actual cost will be much less than $19,995.00. The cost table attachment from the “Dental Economics” shows the calculations. Click for the Table.
  • Dentists may charge on the average $62.00 per each pan x-ray to patient or insurance company.
  • There is a general rule of thumb that a Panoramic Machine pay for themselves within 6 months.
  • The financial picture for dentists also includes the extra revenue from additional procedures they will do as a result of diagnostics made available from the panoramic X-Rays. Extra revenue associated With the panoramic X-Ray diagnosis is estimated at 5% of their revenue.
  • When you add all these up the net result may be the cost of the pan will be paid up within 6 months plus additional revenue for the Dentist in the future.

It is noteworthy that the digital panoramic X-Ray machine, Digital imaging sensors #1 & #2 and the portable handheld intraoral X-Ray equipment save cost by reducing time spent by Dentist, assistants and hygienists. Efficiency and the stature of the dental practice increases along with the patient confidence and satisfaction.

Click Here For Dental Trailer Floor Plan (With Digital Panoramic system)

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Last Update: October 14th, 2017

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