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  • Door and window placement
  • Commercial heating and air conditioning systems
  • Mansard roof designs
  • Various color schemes
  • Mobile Conversions, Inc. is a State Certified Manufacturer of Commercial Transportable Buildings.
  • This 14' x 52' Transportable Building offers two large rooms. Other sizes are available.
  • Commercial Building is built totally in our manufacturing facility, moved to your site, and set on your concrete pad.
  • The Building is bolted to the concrete slab, electric and plumbing is then hooked up and the building can be operational in less than one week after installation.
  • Stucco exterior finish.
  • Closed cell installation.
  • Choice of carpet or vinyl flooring.
  • Restrooms available as option.
  • Multiple floor plans
  • Choice of wood or concrete floor.
  • Gutters installed.
  • Building can be installed permanently or temporarily, and shall meet all commercial and local code requirements.
  • Large Storage Areas in each room creates maximum flexibility of use.
  • Panic Hardware installed on all exterior doors to meet local safety requirements.
  • Spacious 14' x 23' room size, fully carpeted with ample lighting and extra large windows fill the rooms with natural lighting, creating a warm and pleasant work environment.

Portable Building Benefits

Use of Portable Buildings

Portable buildings can be used for clinics, offices, classrooms, daycares and can also be used as commercial shops. Portable building can be used as temporary or permanent residential unit.

Financial Saving Portable Buildings

Studies show that 90% portable buildings are built on time and within budget. Portable building requires very less manpower along with require less construction time. Portable buildings are less expensive compare to fixed buildings.

Proven Design

Our each portable buildings includes 14’ x 52’ large two rooms, concrete slab, wood or concrete floor, electric and plumbing facility, restrooms, heating and air conditioning system, ample lighting and extra large windows. All these facilities will give you warm and pleasant environment.

Temporary or Permanent Portable Buildings

We build both temporary and permanent building which is durable and secure and that will meet the requirement of any industry.

Quality Control

We ensure high quality control while constructing portable building. Each component is inspected and tested thoroughly. We install panic hardware on all exterior doors to meet the safety requirements.

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