Mobile Dental Van to Overcome Dental Care Challenges during Festival Season

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It is obligatory to maintain good oral health care during the festival season including, Thanksgiving, Christmas time and of course New Year. People during this period especially children are bombarded with sugary sweets and chocolates as well. Children adore all the sweets in the shape of a Christmas tree or some New Year gift loaded with sugar and if parents don’t watch after their children teeth, the situation can only get worse. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth using sugar from foods and drinks to produce acids that dissolve and damage the teeth. Regular and diet soft drinks, sport drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, fruit drinks and cordials also have high acid levels that can cause tooth erosion and cavities. In order to inform and educate little angels, mobile dental clinics located nearby Christmas Markets can be a solution. When all of the people want to feel the spirit of the family holidays, these dental offices on wheels could help in advising both children and parents to watch out what they eat.

Even though these programs for the health services are supported by the government or some other project, mobile dental offices often give discounts during the festival season. This is a great opportunity to find out the condition of your teeth for a low price or no charge at all. The access of these mobile dental clinics is very easy when located on public squares during festivals and Christmas market and those persons who don’t have medical insurance can benefit from this model even though their main focus was the promenade around the Christmas village.

Many dental therapists who tried this type of dental service said that they are not surprised by the need of dental offices on wheels because of the number of people who really need it. There are people who could say thanks to this project as their Christmas time could be better. This is because they can eat their favorite dessert and chocolate cakes without feeling some kind of pain because of these mobile dental clinics.

Children can be motivated to enter the portable dental office simply by giving some little gifts for the upcoming holidays. During this period of the year, everyone wants the best for their health and if the treatments and consultations are free of charge, this would be another motive to take care of their dental health.

Where should the mobile dental clinics need to be parked?
One of the best possible locations is on a public square where the whole event is taking place. All dental workers should be with Christmas spirit and be kind and friendly especially with children. The project of delivering dental care everywhere in the country is a benefit for all especially in the hard times when people spend their money on gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Additional costs even though for a dental consultation or cleaning could be rescheduled after the festival season. But, with this option, everyone could afford few minutes of their precious time to visit a dental therapist during this period. At the end, giving their time is the only price.

Another good idea for parking of mobile dental clinics is by the most visited church. Some people often go to church during the festival season so they can come and check their oral health. Find a portable dental office nearby a bus station is a good option too. While waiting for their next bus people can afford a few minutes consultation with the proper dental therapist.

The best thing about mobile dental clinics is that if you need a dentist during the Christmas time you don’t have to worry. They are open during the whole festival season. You don’t have to schedule an appointment because the main principle of this module is to serve to everyone who needs a dental treatment. The worst thing that could happen is to reschedule your visit until the next day.

However, it is not an easy thing to eat junk food and stay healthy during the holidays. Chocolate cakes, sweets, and candies are appearing everywhere people go and because they are focused on gifts and dinners they forget about their health. The least they can do is to visit a mobile dental clinic near their home and listen to their advice for this period of the year. Here are several tips that dental therapists recommend during the holiday season:

  • Sweets and cakes. All chocolate boxes and sweets are very delicious but keep in mind they can harm your dental health. Be aware of this fact and drink a plenty of water after each dessert or brush the teeth.
  • Do not drink too much soda or drinks which contain soda. All parties which are happening during this period of the year offer drinks that contain soda. Try to avoid them or use straws to keep the acid from contacting with your teeth.
  • Good red wine. If you enjoy the red wine be careful how much you consume because too much wine could stain your teeth and you for sure don’t want to have dark teeth during the festival season.

The most important thing is to take care of your oral health every time not only for the Holyday season. Happy Holidays!!!

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