How To Save On Your Dental Equipment?

dental equipment

The IRS wants YOU to SAVE on Dental Equipment!
Use the Section 179 deductions to DECREASE your Tax Payments and INCREASE your Cash for your other needs!
With the Section 179 deduction you can Deduct the Full Purchase Price of Dental Equipment (up to $500,000) from your gross income.

What does this mean for buying dental equipment?
If you purchase a qualifying piece of equipment (Dental Sensors, Handheld X-Ray Units, Intraoral Cameras, Phosphor Plate Systems), you can Deduct the Full Amount of the Equipment (up to $500,000) without paying the full amount this year.

Equipment Price: $6,990 (The cost of a one Apex Sensor with software)
Section 179 Deduction: $6,990
Tax Savings at a Tax Rate of 35%: $6,990 x 35% = $2,446.50
New Equipment Net Cost:
$6,990 – $2,446.50 = $4,543.50
Amount Paid to the IRS if You Do Not Acquire Equipment: $2,446.50

Check out online store to take advantage of the Section 179 Tax Saving before its too late. The deadline is December 31st, 2017.

View Section 179 Calculator

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Last Update: December 6th, 2017

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