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  • Waiting Room
  • Reception Area
  • Fully Equipped Diagnostic Areas
  • Air Ride Suspension
  • Wheelchair Lift
  • Generator or Shorepower
  • Entry Stair System with Safety
  • Handrail
  • Wheelchair Lift Door
  • Leveling system
  • Heating and Air Conditioning System
  • Temporary or long term dental care can be offered to dentist's patient base to include children and non-ambulatory patients in a professional dental clinic that dentist and staff can work with ease and efficiency.
  • Three fully equipped operatories to maximize patient flow.
  • Three individual wall mounted x-rays for maximum convenience and patient flow.
  • Built-in dental compressor and suction unit for quality procedures easily serves three stations.
  • Some units offer lavatories for tech and patient convenience
  • Plenty of work surfaces plus tech convenience center creates an enjoyable work environment.
  • Wheelchair lift makes your services available to non-ambulatory patients.

Dental Trailer

Dental Clinic on Wheel

Take your entire staff on the road with our mobile dental trailer to provide dental care service whenever and wherever the patients are located. Our mobile dental trailer enables you to meet the needs of individuals who may not have access to dental services across the world.

Proven Design

Our KB mobile dental trailer makes it easy to drive anywhere. All units are designed, assembled and tested to meet the safety standards. Each trailer has features like heating and air conditioning, wheel chair lifts, leveling system, generator, shore power hook-up and many more.

Easy to Practice

Our mobile dental trailers are functional and practical because we have spent years collaborating with dentists to design fully equipped, efficient and comfortable dental trailer. Our dental trailer is equipped 2, 3 and 4 treatment rooms to perform any services normally provided in an immovable dental facility. Each trailer is ready to go with everything you need to treat your patient.

Enhance Dental Care

Mobile Dental trailer allows to enhance your dental practice for rural, slum, poverished, urban and remotely located communities, business parks, school children, retirement and nursing home members and many others.

Opens Opportunities

Mobile dental trailer travels to patients on site – homes, business, institutes, schools, retirement homes, old-age homes, remote areas and more. Mobile dental trailer approach saves time, money and energy.

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Medical Dental Trailer
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We sell, rent and export all types of mobile vehicles, including medical van, medical coaches, medical trailer, mobile dental clinics, mobile dental vans, new & used dental coaches, refurbished medical coaches & trailer and dental office in modified ocean type containers globally. We also provide medical trailer and medical coaches for rental in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and more countries.