Merits of Purchasing Pre-Owned, Refurbished or New Medical Equipment for Your Practice

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When buying refurbished or pre-owned medical equipment, people often think that it is like making some kind of sacrifice on quality. But, actually, the main difference between a brand new medical device, the refurbished and the pre-owned one is the price and also how much time a buyer has to spend in order to find the right medical equipment. In some cases, half or more of the price can be saved when it comes to buying a refurbished or pre-owned medical device. This method is very popular in the medical industry especially for doctors who are starting a new business of small practice. Refurbished medical equipment is generally upgraded, parts and software replaced as necessary while pre-owned medical equipment is sold “as is” but in a working condition. As-is is a legal term used to disclaim some implied warranties for an item being sold.

It is good to know that for every medical imaging unit which is a new model, the buyer has to find a system with similar features which is pre-owned or refurbished and has a reduced price. The type of the machines may vary and may have less or more features. Another thing to consider is that refurbished medical equipment is restored by skilled technicians working in the medical field before the medical gear is released back in the store for sale.

The refurbished device when gets back in the store is fixed and the old parts are replaced as necessary with new ones or refurbished ones as needed, so the device can work as a new one and is comparable to the new model. If a buyer decides to buy refurbished or pre-owned medical equipment he has to look for a reduced price of 50% or more compared with the new equipment cost. In specific cases, people can get warranties for pre-owned medical devices. This will for sure, require an extra research and deal with the medical technicians because all the companies that sell refurbished medical devices have their unique guarantee and policies. However, if the time is worth the money then refurbished or pre-owned medical devices are a good investment for the new medical practice.

The recipe for success when buying pre-owned or refurbished medical equipment
All who wants to purchase pre-owned or refurbished medical gear should have a helping guide which would explain how to get the best outcome of the offer. Here are some useful tips for those who are in the market to buy such medical devices.

When it comes to making choice for the right medical device for your small practice, you have to know about the standardized technology of the manufacturers on the market. This includes all the financial and also clinical facts which are the main key to career opportunities.

People who plan to buy pre-owned or refurbished medical gear have to consider the fact about the software revisions. These software updates to medical units are very important because they happen fairly frequently and they could affect the way of using the device. It is very important to use the medical device correctly and precisely. Here are few questions to be asked when purchasing pre-owned or refurbished medical equipment:

  • Are you a certified and authorized distributor of this company? This is very important because when you collaborate with the real distributor you will have the right of getting technical support for your device. The aftermarket distributors can also offer installation and training.
  • Is it possible to get the serial number of the proposed device? It is also important information because you can make sure about the condition of the device in advance. Such information is also available from the seller.
  • Ask for the manufacturing date. It is good to know this because you will have an orientation for the final price. You can make an agreement depending on how old is the medical device.
  • Ask for the current software condition of the unit. Another thing to consider is to check the last update or software revision of the medical device. It is very important to know which version is associated with the system for sale.
  • Ask for the training materials or manuals for the medical unit. This is especially important because when trained you would know perfectly how to work with the device. You will be trained to obtain the best of the medical instrument.
  • Ask if the machine was recalled and if the answer is positive if the corrections were made by the original manufacturer. Another thing to consider when buying refurbished or pre-owned medical equipment. This is the most important thing to know if the corrections were made by an authorized manufacturer.
  • Ask if the medical unit would be ready to use on patients and if preventative maintenance is done before. Obviously, the refurbished equipment will have service done whereas the pre-owned equipment is sold as-is but in a working order.

There are so many questions when it comes to purchasing a refurbished or pre-owned medical equipment. But, by asking the few questions mentioned above you can get a great perspective on the condition of the chosen medical device. You will have a better idea of what you are buying and if it will meet your expectations.

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Last Update: January 10th, 2018

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