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Siemens Somatom Drive CT Scanner

Regardless of who walks through the door, your medical imaging institution is constantly pressured to provide state-of-the-art CT imaging – every single moment. In today’s world, you need to be prepared to aid your patients, to cope with your environment, and to meet your business needs – while driving precision each step of the way. This is why we are collaborating with you. SOMATOM Drive with Dual Source technology boosts your performance, empowers your routines, and expands your capabilities.

Drive precision for your patients

SOMATOM Drive provides reliable diagnostic results across clinical disciplines as well as a new quality of patient care. Easy and fast workflows save preparation, scan and after-care time for even unexpected patients. Mastering urgent care easily will allow you to accept more patients than ever before. The unique Dual Source technology also boosts the accuracy of patient radiation. Unique 10 kV Steps and high power at low kVs allow you to treat each patient according to their individual needs. This will improve the CT experience for everybody involved.

Drive precision for your environment

Promote optimized performance at all times by simplifying routines and accelerating workflows. SOMATOM Drive lets you standardize your institution’s quality of care to unseen levels. A reliable single-operator concept from beginner to advanced users reduces experience dependence, which in return means less staff training is necessary. The digital button concept provides a sleek modern feel that speeds up positioning while maintaining high image quality at highest speeds.

Drive precision for your business needs

SOMATOM Drive allows you to implement unprecedented system management efficiency. Versatile and future-ready, the Dual Source technology connects you to the CT practice of tomorrow, advancing new clinical fields and new technologies. Be prepared for different patients, future diseases as well as new workflows. DistinCT Reading even optimizes administration. It combines market-leading applications in order to simplify and accelerate the reporting process. SOMATOM Drive creates high-resolution pictures at lowest kV and eliminates metal artifacts in 3D or HD visualizations.

Scanner type Dual Source
Detectors StellarInfinity
Max. scan speed 458 mm/s
In-plane temp.-res.75 ms
Rotational coverage 131 mm/rot
kV steps70 – 140 kV @ 10 kV Steps
mA @ 70 kV, 80 kV 650 mA, 750 mA
Spatial resolution 0.30 mm
Table load up to 307 kg / 676 lbs*
Gantry opening 78 cm
Generator power 200 kW (2 x 100 kW)
Slice acquisition 2 x 128
The Specific Brands and/or Models Listed In This Website May Not Be Available At The Time of Your Request Because Our Inventory of Pre-Owned and Refurbished Equipment is Constantly Changing, But We Will Offer You a System Similar To Your request Available At That Time.
Our inventory is constantly changing. We buy and sell the manufacturer’s trade-in system and ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and are in good operational order.

  • All systems are maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All systems are available for inspection.
  • We offer professional de-installation crating and containers for shipment worldwide.
  • In the USA we can deinstall and reinstall to a site that is properly prepared.
  • We are able to offer systems from GE,SIEMENS, PHILIPS and TOSHIBA.
  • Prices start at US$75,000.00 or more depending on the age of equipment and software requirements.

Siemens Somatom Drive CT Scanner
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Siemens Somatom Drive CT Scanner

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