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Siemens Biograph TruePoint PET/CT Scanner

Siemens Biograph™ TruePoint™ PET/CT is a flexible, high-powered medical imaging platform. This innovative system optimizes clinical throughput and increases sensitivity and resolution with LSO-based detectors but is designed with budget in mind to make PET/CT a viable solution for your growing clinical practice.

  • HD•PET lesion detection
  • Routine 10-minutes PET exams
  • Advanced diagnostic CT

Higher resolution throughout the field of view with HD•PET

Biograph™ TruePoint™ completely integrates the functional sensitivity of PET with the rich anatomical detail of diagnostic multislice CT. Exclusive technologies, such as HD•PET, TrueV, HI-REZ, LSO, Pico-3D, TrueC and SureView, offer superb image quality for improved diagnostic confidence. With Biograph TruePoint you can be more confident in your ability to detect changes in metabolic activity before anatomical changes become visible.

Largest PET field of view in the industry, increasing count rate performance by > 70%

It is time to think big. Biograph TruePoint with TrueV increases the PET field of view by an eye-opening 33 percent in the axial dimension. TrueV is proven to increase count rate performance by greater than 70 percent, giving you the flexibility to lower dose rates or scan times by 50 percent. It provides you with the most functional information possible per PET bed positions and reveals clear, breathtaking PET images

Routine 10-minute PET exams

Biograph TruePoint is built on the most popular CT platform in the world, the SOMATOM® Emotion.* The advanced CT capabilities of Biograph TruePoint enable increased diagnostic confidence and system utilization.

The Specific Brands and/or Models Listed In This Website May Not Be Available At The Time of Your Request Because Our Inventory of Pre-Owned and Refurbished Equipment is Constantly Changing, But We Will Offer You a System Similar To Your request Available At That Time.
Our inventory is constantly changing. We buy and sell the manufacturer’s trade-in system and ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and are in good operational order.

  • All systems are maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All systems are available for inspection.
  • We offer professional de-installation crating and containers for shipment worldwide.
  • In the USA we can deinstall and reinstall to a site that is properly prepared.
  • We are able to offer systems from GE,SIEMENS, PHILIPS and TOSHIBA.
  • Prices start at US$75,000.00 or more depending on the age of equipment and software requirements.

Siemens Biograph TruePoint PET/CT Scanner
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We sell Pre-Owned and Refurbished PET/CT Scanners including

Siemens Biograph TruePoint PET/CT Scanner

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