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Siemens Biograph mMR MRI Scanner

biograph mmr

Biograph mMR brings a revolution in diagnostic imaging to life. State-of-the-art 3T MRI and cutting-edge molecular imaging are fully integrated as one. Only Siemens makes the simultaneous acquisition of whole-body MR and PET possible.

Molecular MR supports our joint vision for healthcare – to advance disease management and improve care for all patients.

Biograph mMR sets a new standard. As the only system that can simultaneously acquire MR and PET data across the whole body, it is a tremendous leap forward in imaging capabilities. Opening new doors in the diagnosis and understanding of disease. Fully supporting you from detection and planning through monitoring and follow-up.

  • High precision by true simultaneity: a comprehensive diagnostic picture in only one scan
  • Seamless exams by thorough integration: one exam – one room – one whole body solution
  • Wider views by realizing potential: unlock medical applications and advance research
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Biograph mMR is designed to give you the ability to meet the needs of demanding high-end research. The new system provides technology to tackle the toughest challenges that the world of healthcare

  • Oncology
    • Abdominal and pelvic oncology
    • Pediatric oncology
  • Neurology
    • Neurodegenerative diseases
    • Psychological disorders
    • Head/neck cancers
  • syngo.via and Biograph mMR are one
  • Biograph mMR Customer Videos

As the world leader in both MRI and PET, Siemens possesses the engineering expertise to fully integrate the two.

We've designed the first PET detectors that allow the integration of whole-body MR and PET - without compromising the performance of either modality

Field strength 3 Tesla
Bore size60 cm
System length 199 cm
System weight (in operation)9.0 tons
Minimum room size 33 m²
RF Tim [102 x 18] [102 x 32]
Gradient strength MQ Gradients (45 mT/m @ 200 T/m/s)
Helium consumption Zero helium boil-off technology
The Specific Brands and/or Models Listed In This Website May Not Be Available At The Time of Your Request Because Our Inventory of Pre-Owned and Refurbished Equipment is Constantly Changing, But We Will Offer You a System Similar To Your request Available At That Time.
Our inventory is constantly changing. We buy and sell the manufacturer’s trade-in system and ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and are in good operational order.

  • All systems are maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All systems are available for inspection.
  • We offer professional de-installation crating and containers for shipment worldwide.
  • In the USA we can deinstall and reinstall to a site that is properly prepared.
  • We are able to offer systems from GE,SIEMENS, PHILIPS and TOSHIBA.
  • Prices start at US$75,000.00 or more depending on the age of equipment and software requirements.

Siemens Biograph mMR MRI Scanner
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Siemens Biograph mMR MRI Scanner

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