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GE SIGNATM Explorer Lift MRI Scanner - 60 cm

signa explorer lift

Same Magnet. Next Generation MR Capabilities.

If you currently own a GE SIGNA Excite, SIGNA LX, SIGNA HDe, SIGNA HD, SIGNA HDxt, SIGNA HDx or SIGNA Vibrant scanner, you may be eligible to upgrade to the SIGNA Explorer through the SIGNA Explorer Lift program.

With the SIGNA Explorer Lift program, you can:

  • Build upon your existing magnet’s strong foundation and potentially increase procedures by 30%2
  • Reset the life of your MR while saving up to 50% in construction costs3
  • Grow beyond your standard of care and access today’s technology at half the cost3

Build upon your existing magnet’s strong foundation

An upgrade to SIGNA Explorer can help you unlock productivity benefits not available with earlier generation systems.

Faster signal and Higher SNR - OpTix Optical RF technology offers high quality analog to signal conversion and can provide a gain in SNR of up to 27% over conventional analog signal receivers.

Simplified Workflow – Access Flex Coils with enhanced range of use. Use Ready-Tools to change workflow and potentially realize higher patient throughput.

Time-Saving Applications – Robust applications not only deliver excellent imaging quality, but can help improve workflow. Time savers include READY Brain, an automated brain exam even non-expert users can operate, and simplified whole body diffusion with eDWI in as little as seven minutes.

Grow Beyond Your Standard of Care

When you upgrade to SIGNA Explorer, you can elevate your imaging performance and take patient comfort to new levels. SIGNA Explorer delivers next generation MR capabilities.

Advanced motion correction techniques - 3D PROMO enables motion corrected imaging with 3D volumetric imaging for brain exams. PROPELLER 3.0 delivers motion robust imaging from head to toe and Body Navigators are designed to deliver real time, robust free-breathing respiratory motion compensation.

Silent Scan – Our revolutionary proprietary technology shatters industry norms to reduce noise like never before – taking it down to less than 3 decibels above ambient.

Imaging around MR Conditional Implants – MAVRIC SL enables advanced visualization of soft tissues and bone near MR Conditional devices.

The Specific Brands and/or Models Listed In This Website May Not Be Available At The Time of Your Request Because Our Inventory of Pre-Owned and Refurbished Equipment is Constantly Changing, But We Will Offer You a System Similar To Your request Available At That Time.
Our inventory is constantly changing. We buy and sell the manufacturer’s trade-in system and ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and are in good operational order.

  • All systems are maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • All systems are available for inspection.
  • We offer professional de-installation crating and containers for shipment worldwide.
  • In the USA we can deinstall and reinstall to a site that is properly prepared.
  • We are able to offer systems from GE,SIEMENS, PHILIPS and TOSHIBA.
  • Prices start at US$75,000.00 or more depending on the age of equipment and software requirements.

GE SIGNATM Explorer Lift MRI Scanner - 60 cm
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We sell Pre-Owned and Refurbished MRI Scanners including

GE SIGNATM Explorer Lift MRI Scanner - 60 cm

in Alaska, Texas, California, North Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida, Delaware, Ohio and other states of the USA and Worldwide.