Reduce Hospital Budget Pressure through Mobile Cat Scan Services with Refurbished CT Scanners

refurbished medical equipment


We are all witnesses of the technological progress and also of the rapid and modern changes in medical fields. A seismic modification could be noticed in healthcare spending for medical devices which are refurbished as CT (Cat Scanner). This fact is being addressed by all healthcare institutions more exactly from rural centers for imaging to urban and advanced hospitals. It is well known that pressures over hospital budgets are an increasing investment in support units and imaging services. Refurbished healthcare scanners and devices will offer:

  • Financial stability and important resources from specific manufacturer
  • The assurance of quality of the ISO-certified refurbisher
  • Delivering expert service according to suggested low cost
  • Calling one seller for the chosen CT involving compressors, cold heads, coils and also tubes

Refurbished equipment is saving hospital management money with high-quality and affordable CT scanners. Before deciding to purchase this type of medical equipment, the buyer has to look for a quality checklist of features and software and the most important one, a certificate or a guarantee which declares that the chosen refurbished device meets or exceeds specifications from the original manufacturer.

Choosing refurbished medical devices is a good idea because of following reason: one regional and large hospital whose focus is a cancer treatment or neurological disorders may have to buy the latest MRI or CT scanner every few years. The decision is done even though the old medical equipment is capable of providing diagnostic images with high-quality and it may serve up to ten or more years. When the manufacturer has to refurbish the used system at the end he obtains an imaging scanner which is safe, effective and looks like a new. This is a great option for hospitals and medical centers which are seeking to stretch their limited budget to buy good equipment which is still in great working order, but may only need a software change to bring it latest technology.

Where does refurbished medical device come from?

Large and well-situated hospitals upgrade their medical equipment on a regular basis just to be on top of the latest technology. This, by far means that their older CT scanner may need to be changed. In most of the cases, these medical imaging units are only a few years old and they have been gently used. So, they offer many years of service in the future. Very often, these medical devices are replaced not because they don’t function but because a new model has been presented. With upgrades and replacement of worn or weak componets, these medical systems can be sold as refurbished units. Refurbished medical scanners function as new and carry same warranty as a new system in some cases.

Why is purchasing used medical equipment beneficial?

When hospital managers are buying used or refurbished equipment for radiology they can save 50% or more of the cost a new system. This is very important for smaller healthcare institutions because the cost difference is significant. Referrals of their patients to larger hospitals will not be necessary and the revenue stays with the smaller hospital. Purchasing refurbished medical equipment is an important benefit when it comes to providing local services and improving patient care.

Hospitals who purchase used medical devices actually contribute to better environment and less obsolescense. Hospitals have to be aware of the fact that when they are planning to expand their radiology medical systems by using used or refurbished devices, they help the environment simply by prolonging the life of these necessary diagnostic imaging devices.


All medical doctors want to do their best and at the same time and look for quality images and high value equiment. The days of “I purchase only new” are already behind us and maybe officially over. The rapid development of the used and refurbished medical equipment industry goes on as more and more refurbishes earn their ISO specifications and offer a high quality product which is supported by engineering, service, and financing. This change of thinking is long overdue, is necessary, and is justified.

It is good to know that refurbishment in some way saves the materials which are used in the process of producing new medical equipment. All of the above helps in the process called the circular economy.

Hospital management personnel know that there are a variety of options on the market for new, used or refurbished equipment, but safety and sustainability are also considered as essentials. Every hospital has its own management team which decides the perfect option not only for their budget but for the patients best interests also.

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Last Update: November 13th, 2017

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