Mobile Nuclear Imaging- A Revolutionary Step to Diagnose Neurological Disorders

nuclear imaging

Mobile nuclear medicine assistance is a great opportunity for the common people to get in shape their health. This enormous step is also a big challenge for the medical team to bring their services to a bigger level allowing everyone to conquer from them.

These services are helped by special projects and organizations in order to offer their helping hand to the majority of the population. The most important thing is that they are fully equipped and bring the nuclear medicine imaging office in front of the patient’s door. When the mobile clinic is set up on the particular location, it is ready to give the people right instructions about the imaging department. Another great thing is that the mobile clinic offers their imaging equipment together with their other medical devices which create a special atmosphere so the patient can feel like he is in a hospital-imaging center.

The advantages of mobile nuclear imaging system
The two greatest benefits are convenience and also the affordability. These services totally eliminate the inconvenience the patient feel when they have to travel long distances in order to obtain special diagnostic imaging from specific healthcare providers.

The quote “Keep it regional and accessible” is a perfect match for these services because they are located in the patient’s hometown or region.

Mobile medical nuclear imaging centers in most of the cases offer admission tax per scan. By this option, the patient is sure that he pays only for what he has used.

“Observing the details” is another great and qualitative solution because each department gives a special focus and attention on their responsibilities. These mobile clinics take total care of their patients from their set-up to taking images and processing the obtained data.

Another very important advantage is that they are using the latest technology so they can ensure patients that their results could be read easily and quickly. Mobile nuclear medical assistance offers their patients an alternative to choose how they want to see their diagnostic results. The following options are considered:

  • Online System for viewing images. It allows express and immediate access to the patient photos from different web-connected PC. There is no need for obtaining special viewing software.
  • PACS or some other viewing system which is similar to this one.
  • Some mobile applications which are able to provide a complete image of the patient case
  • CD/DVD depending on specific request

But, remember that every mobile service has its own medical devices which are different and can offer more or fewer options. However, the benefits of mobile nuclear imaging services are significant. The exam provides a non-invasive and at the same time painless test which is able to detect problems at the molecular level.

How does this mobile imaging service look like?
All medical devices are located in medical trailers. Their interior space ensures maximum quality medical gear with the rest of necessary accessories such as phone line, digital interfacing, DICOM III connectivity, and data ports.

The outside of this type of Mobile Medical Nuclear Trailer is created to match in with the external background and because of this many of them don’t have logos or also emblems. Almost every trailer has hydraulic patient lifts in order to ensure convenience, safety, and protection for all staff and for the patients too.

Most of the manufacturers of these mobile trailers have some offers for creating special designed mobile nuclear imaging center which would be built according to specifications from some hospital or organizations.

Information for the PATIENTS: Explanation of the nuclear medical exam
For those patients who are interested in this event, it is good to know that nuclear imaging process is a specialized part of the diagnostic radiology. The procedure enables medical physicians to evaluate the condition of bones, organ function in order to detect some kind of disease or infection or some other dysfunction. These images, which represent specific processes in the human body, are later used to treat a variety of conditions which can’t be detected or seen on other imaging exams. Another thing that should be taken into consideration is that nuclear imaging identifies many abnormalities in an early stage of the progression of some disease.

The idea of delivering mobile nuclear imaging assistance in every area is a great initiative. This means that every person will be more interested in maintaining his overall health because now people have an opportunity which is very close to them.

Many mobile services have officers with great experience in the field of nuclear medicine and also in the customer service. Being one of the best healthcare providers is the main key for expansion of these mobile clinics. Mobile Nuclear Imaging Services have a hard-working team of great professionals who offer their exceptional knowledge. They also have well-trained technologists with experience in operating with the specific medical device.

This revolutionary step in the medical area is very generous because mobile units bring the entire nuclear medicine sector in front of the patient’s door. These healthcare providers are able to deliver their results in a fast way with special equipment and by electronic transfer of reports.

These professionals are here to take care of their patients and to serve them in a cordial and pleasant professional environment.

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Last Update: September 30th, 2017

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