Mobile Bone Density Screening – A Unique Way to Treat Bone Fractures in Children

Bone density

The discovery of Bone Fractures in children and adults, the medical diagnosis of osteoporosis in women, and Bone Density tests are very important factors in the overall health care of your individual patients.

Our company, Mobile Medical and Dental Coach Conversions, manufacturers and customizes for you a mobile coach or van equipped with Bone Density medical equipment. Because it is mobile a physician or medical professional is able to drive this Van or Coach to their patient’s front door. This mobile Van or Coach provides you, the physician, an easy and affordable means to test Bone Density while also providing your patients with good health care.

Bone Density scanning is an augmented form of X-ray technology that is utilized to measure Bone loss. Bone densitometry, also called dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry or DEXA, uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to create pictures of the lower spine and hips to measure Bone loss. It is generally used to diagnose osteoporosis and to evaluate the risk for developing Bone fractures. DEXA is the most precise method for diagnosing osteoporosis. Bone fractures in children and adults are dissimilar which also means that the treatments are different.

Healing time from a Bone fracture in children is generally in weeks and often without surgery. While the healing time in adults for most Bone fractures take months and often requires surgery. The younger children have a higher capacity for healing but all children’s Bones have an astonishing magnitude for healing. Newspapers are full of examples where children have survived car or airplane crash injury or death while adults have perished. Bones in children are more flexible and are more likely to bend with trauma than to snap across.

Pediatric considerations and findings are unique to broken Bones in kids:

1. Physical fractures: are injuries to the growth plate. Injuries to the growth plate require special treatment to prevent long-term healing problems. Growth Plates are where new cells are quickly dividing. Growth plate fractures are injuries that occur in the area of the Bone responsible for growth, the growth plate is at the end of the Bone. When this part of the Bone is damaged, there is concern about possible problems with future growth of the Bone. Appropriate treatment of a growth plate injury is essential to proper growth of the child.

2. Green stick fractures: are injuries that occur when more flexible Bone of children bends, but does not completely fracture, like bending a fresh tree branch but it stays intact on the bend side.

3. Buckle fracture: are also the results of the Bones of children buckling, and not completely breaking. The Bone buckles on one side, but it is not separated.

Treatment for injuries to children should start early by training parents to help children to prevent injuries to Bones. Guide children to avoid a dangerous set of circumstances and protect them from a fall, slamming their fingers in doors at home or in a car. Parent’s supervision is essential to prevent an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting damage or injury to children.

Broken fingers, wrists, and hands are the most common treatment for children with casting or splinting. Some Bones can be manipulated by a physician. In some severe Bone fractures cases a metal plate, screws, pins, or rods are placed to keep the Bone in position while it is healing.

Bone fractures in children usually remodel (auto correct). The X-ray may not look good but 6 months from the initial X-rays will look better. The majority of fractures in children remodel and the child’s function will not be affected by the fracture. For more information on children’s Bone healing contact a pediatrician.

Our Mobile Bone Density Screening Van is designed, equipped, and assembled to provide accurate, reliable and precise screening at your patient’s door step. Our Bone Density Screening Van allows you to offer a range of services from a simple test to minor treatments to name a few. This 28 foot aerodynamic Bone Density Screening Coach is compact and ergonomically designed for ease of operation, minimal maintenance, and maximum efficiency. Our Coaches are designed to accept all manufacture’s Bone Density equipment. Check us out.

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