Medical Trailer serving as a Mobile Medical Laboratory

mobile trailer

In mobile trailers, a complete medical laboratory could be set up. In this type of mobile practice, a laboratory workstation can be created for performing routine testing. The main goal of this mobile medical laboratory is to set its focus on persons who don’t have a rapid access to hospitals and other healthcare institutions. These mobile medical trailers are able to offer mentioned individuals the main opportunity for this medical service.

The mobile medical laboratory is specifically designed. It is designed as a single module with special hospital configuration. Each medical trailer has a specific design which involves initial requirements of one client and at the same time meets the standards of a certified construction for medical units. This means that a simple mobile medical laboratory consists of:

  • Two-bed pre-operative beds
  • Two recovery and delivery beds
  • Workstation for nurses
  • Toilette and bath for patients
  • Operating room
  • Separate sterile room
  • Special room with medical gas equipment
  • Double room for hand washing
  • Medical-grade vinyl flooring

The idea of the mobile medical laboratory has positive marks and it boosts it access for delivering quality diagnostic tests for many patients. These mobile laboratories perform high-complexity tests and some of them provide a new model of testing for developed countries and regions.

More organized and advanced laboratories on wheels deliver medical care and result for more complex diseases such as HIV and TB. This is highly-recommended in countries in Africa. That’s why Cape Town has created a mobile laboratory with seventy-five beds.

Mobile Medical laboratory means better and faster diagnosis for TB and HIV patients
According to the new studies which were made for discovering the impact of laboratories on wheels and addition of this type of medical services has positive outcome for the health of the patients. The positive critics about this medical model are the rapid and detailed test for HIV and TB. These results later help in starting a treatment earlier and at the same time, they restrict the transmission of a possible infection to the healthy people.

Complex clinical laboratory on wheels is a perfect solution for specific countries because they bring and allow fast results directly in the chosen area. They shorten the time of delivering the test results and at the same time they minimize errors which may occur during delivery to main medical organizations. By this model, the costs for transport are also reduced.

The use of a new and advanced model of a mobile medical laboratory dramatically changes the time for obtaining results. Instead of waiting for several days to get the results this action can be done within one to twelve hours. All these actions have a considerable effect on the health of the entire population. The refurbished model of a medical laboratory van cost will be substantially less compared with the new van.

Cryotechnology and Biosafety increase the possibilities in mobile diagnostic module
New and revolutionary steps are introduced in designing mobile medical laboratory. This model meets the specifications for biosafety level 3-certification. This program allows the laboratory workers to manage infectious material and at the same time ensures protection for patients, environment and especially for the lab staff. This model of mobile laboratory brings additional diagnostic options and tools. It offers a new technology used for freezing samples of the patients. Because the immune cells are very sensitive and when left at a room temperature they can change and no longer be evaluated properly, that’s why freezing is important.

The significance of having a laboratory close to your doorsteps is very significant. Because of this important fact, mobile medical laboratories are brought to the people’s homes. Patients have another chance to access numerous pathology tests without the need of traveling to long-distanced cities. The main benefits from this initiative are for rural areas because this way the treatment of these patients improves a lot. These projects are constantly evolving and will have a positive outcome for the future development of every laboratory on wheels.

The new and interesting focus of this helpful project is the design of an off-road model. This concept is expected to be highly accepted by countries in South Africa.

By accepting these advanced models of the mobile laboratory, it shows that the technology offers higher ranks of performing complex diagnosing tests. The great idea of improving the health condition in underserved areas now has become a reality simply by creating and bringing advanced laboratories on wheels.

However, any mobile medical laboratory trailer has to be designed to be easy for operating, be convenient for foreign countries, and be able to function in cold or hot areas. Also, mobile units could be equipped with air conditioning, built-in generators, heat and water supply, cabinets, work counters and a full medical gear.

Each customer first should have a unique idea of his mobile medical laboratory requirements. Standard design will be less expensive compared with more sophisticated and advanced model. Our organization has the resources and expertise to guide you.

The main idea is to improve the health condition of all people and choosing the perfect model will match the patient’s needs.

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