Medical Trailer as a “Hospital on Wheels” Providing Surgical Services to Army and Military Officers

medical trailer


Military and army doctrine support an important health services help system to evacuate, triage, treating, and returning soldiers on duty in a short period of time and in the most efficient manner. This process begins with the soldier presence on a specific battlefield and most of the time ends in different medical centers and hospitals with numerous locations. The supervision starts with first-aid which sometimes may be self-aid, friend-aid, or another lifesaver rapidly continues with emergency medical treatment and later with advanced trauma-management in order to stabilize surgery procedures. All these medical actions are followed by special medical transport to a high level where the most sophisticated procedures are handled.

There are many manufacturers on the market which design and create special-purpose surgical mobile medical trailers for military and army applications. These representative mobile units and containers are specifically designed and involve:

  • Mobile MRI, Mobile CT, Mobile PET for military and army applications. These medical units represent a complex mobile trailer which is equipped with advanced and highly-sophisticated medical gear such as CT, PET, MRI, x-ray screening in order to match the standards.
  • Mobile Disaster and Surgical Trauma
  • Mobile Emergency
  • Mobile Health Clinics
  • Mobile Blood Collection, Donation, and Laboratories for military and army needs. These are multi-phasic medical units made with expandable walls which could be used for many situations. This type of mobile trailers is perfectly created with the special needs of donors. The construction is made of aluminum “C” channel with eighty-gauge thickness. It provides strength and durability for a long period of time. With its special-designed cabinetry and multi-louvered ceilings, it guarantees comfortable environment for pleasant work.

The simple design of mobile surgical trailers used for rapid deployment

Mobile vans or hospitals on wheels could be designed as a semi-trailer, two or four-wheel configurations for a drive, or towed. They are specially manufactured to arrange on-site surgical procedures for the army, military, and civilian needs.

These mobile medical vans include pre & post operative parts, stations for nurses, handicapped and accessible bathroom, spacious operating areas and also changing areas. They are also equipped with heating systems, good ventilation, air-conditioning, fire suppression, power lighting, and communications systems. Another important thing which has to be considered is that mobile medical trailers contain medical gas or vacuum and plumbing. The surfaces are designed so they can be easily cleaned and maintained. The most important thing is that they are easy to set-up and this action is very fast so the medical workers won’t have to spend much time on constructing it.

Well-trained and educated medical stuff are essential part from these units

These great doctors which are a part of the Defense force provide high-level health care in specific and unique conditions. Their great experience let them develop impressive military and clinical skills. The main point of medical persons is practicing general medicine and preventing serious medical problems. This involves the implementation of specific programs for vaccination, screening, and occupational health.

Medical professionals which are a part from these hospitals on wheels are trained to handle a different kind of weapons. They have also outdoor and adventure training.
Medical officers who have a job on deployment are very responsive because they are the primary health care physician. They have additional skills besides the mentioned above and they have knowledge also in travel medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, and in emergency trauma. These persons have leadership skills so they can be the manager of small medical teams consisted of a senior medic, nursing officers, and some other patrol medics. Another thing which is very important is that medical officers play a big role in the evacuation process especially when the patients are referred to surgeons or another specialist opinion.

An overview

Mobile medical trailers are designed as an alternative to random hospitals which are used during the war operations. They are manufactured to bring the experienced medical personnel close to the front barriers. By this initiative, medical officers would help wounded people receive help sooner and accomplish their job with great success.

According to recent statistics, a soldier which is seriously wounded and who was transported to this kind of medical unit alive has greater chances even to 97% on survival after he receives some kind of medical treatment.

Mobile medical and surgical vans have an essential role in the triage system. This system helps health care providers to give special priority to wounded patients. It is good to know that triage system has a color-coding technique. Depending on the wound degree, the patient is marked with a yellow, green, red, or black tag.

If the person is marked with the red tag it means that he needs medical treatment immediately so he can survive. When the person is tagged with yellow, it means that he is not in danger but he still needs medical care. A green sign means that the person is wounded but he is not disabled. These patients are classified as “walking wounded”. The black tag means that the person is dead or so hard wounded that the hope for survival is almost gone.

However, these projects are well supported and they are a great idea when it comes to providing help for the people that need it the most.

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