Celebrate National Mammography Day with Mammography Van to Reaching Out Underserved Women for Breast Cancer Screening

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People celebrate almost every good thing and according to all of us National Mammography Day is very important when it comes to the women health. There is a special month in the year in which mammography day is celebrated. October is dedicated to the awareness of breast cancer and at the same time reminding all women to have a breast check appointment. One of the most important days during this period is the third Friday in this month when the world increases their consciousness about the importance of the early detection of the breast cancer. All women are concerned about their health and the best way to protect themselves is to do regular screenings and self-check-ups because the best defense for this disease is its early detection. It is good to know that mammogram could detect a problem before some physical sign happened. All women should get their regular appointments at their doctor’s offices.

There are cases in which women don’t visit their doctors for some reason and in order to help them, there is a mobile mammography van/trailer which the main purpose is to make this screening available for all women. The prior purpose in the implementation of mammography services in vans is focused on financial barriers. It is noticeable that there is a higher receptivity to utilize mobile mammography among underserved and uninsured women. It is found that more women would probably or definitely go for screening their breasts in special organized mobile mammography van/trailer rather than in the office.

When it comes to identifying the most effective ways in order to increase the rates of mammography screening which is very important for improving the outcome of the breast cancer, the van or mobile mammography plays a big role to the screening access. These programs could be very effective in reaching this type of women especially when they are combined with trusted community-based institutions and strong outreach. These analysis and results present a great example and make the mobile mammography available to medically underserved and also low economic status women.

Breast Checking

If women notice any change or sign in their breasts or they are worried about their breast problem they have to contact immediately their family doctor. The main point in breast checking is to reduce the women deaths which occur as a consequence of breast cancer. This program wants to find and treat this disease at its early stage preferably before it can be felt by the patient or her doctor. Mobile van mammography van/trailer may encourage all women who will get an invitation in order to attend their check-ups. But, if not, they can register and enter their details and they can be called for this important screening.

Women have to know that they are invited to this procedure because the breast cancer can’t be prevented so, the main purpose is to detect the changes as early as possible. When it is early detected and the appropriate treatment is applied, the best outcome is remarked. All women from targeted areas will have to attend their breast check appointment. They don’t have to be upset or feel nervous about this visit because this should become their routine. All they have to know is that mammogram is an x-ray device with a low dose which takes pictures of their breasts. The procedure is performed by highly educated professionals and trained radiographers. It may hurt but only for a short time when each breast is positioned as the x-ray is taken and pressed enough for obtaining the targeted area of the tissue to be seen on the mammogram. Another great thing that has to be remembered is that it is a quite safe screening because as it is mentioned above, it uses a low-dose radiation. According to medical professionals, the prior benefit that comes from the screening outweighs any single risk from getting x-ray dose.

The intervention strategies and devices which are used by the radiographers in vans seem to be very helpful for the targeted group of women. This Mammography van is created to be practical and at the same time adaptable to the needs of health plans and it would also assist to maintain higher percent of mammography screening level among women.

The main goal of the mammography van is to:

  • Access the targeted barriers to mammography screenings
  • Identify the medical systems which deliver health care in creating strategies to increase their effectiveness
  • Identify the population for the appropriate intervention as well as the not occurred opportunities in order to elevate the rates of mammography
  • Select and also implement the advanced systems in order to achieve better health quality and results
  • Monitor and later evaluate the strategies of the implemented instructions
  • Use the obtained results to improve the mammography rates in the future

This is a great idea to help all women to accomplish their right for having a mammography screening. The health care providers in the mobile vans have to develop an action plan in order to implement their chosen medical strategies. They have to be creative and to expand their interventions for obtaining great results. The medical knowledge combined with great systems and screening units can bring new and positive results about decreasing the rate of breast cancer deaths.

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Last Update: September 4th, 2017

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