Impact and Effectiveness of Portable Medical Clinics in Improving Patients Satisfaction and Outcomes

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Portable Medical Clinics are always a great idea when it comes to giving the help to those who really need it. This idea has been proven that is very practical and successful in reaching impotent populations who don’t have access to healthcare source. Mobile Health Clinics can help in accessing geographically isolated places, problems with transport, financial costs, time constraints, administrative paperwork and the malfunctioning of the healthcare system. Studies have shown that this type of medical care not only increase the access of obtaining medical services but at the same time promote better health aftereffect. By bringing medical care in front of the people doors these clinics work in the heart of neighborhoods and they can easily adapt their helping hands to the needs of the targeted patients. Portable medical clinics are an integral part of the healthcare system and they have a crucial role in providing low-cost and high-quality care to the population who need special medical care.

Portable mobile clinics improve the health results throughout the following procedures:

  • Screenings: The health program of these medical units consider the focus of safety procedures that provide prevention and screening for low-income and also for rural areas. They are very effective in accessing the stigmatized populations and those who are experiencing homelessness and also persons with many risk factors for certain diseases. These portable medical clinics are able to call different parts of society to participate in screenings for many diseases. They are able to reach vulnerable individuals and because of this ability, they can help in the identification of infectious illnesses in a nontraditional setting.
  • Commencing preventive care. Portable Medical Clinics can successfully access every barrier in order to deliver medical care and because of this, they offer more opportunities to screen for different conditions and advise patients how to manage their own health. As a review of the available data in the literature indicates, portable medical clinics serve as a new source to those individuals who wouldn’t on another way move toward to a health care office for regular check-ups or any other necessary service. It is very important to mention that without these mobile medical centers the treatments or diagnosis will be delayed and the further health care management will be complicated.
  • Handling chronic diseases. Evidence shows that portable health units are very successful surrounding for the management of the chronic diseases. As an example to this, persons who are facing hypertension, it is found that it is very hard for them to handle it and because of this, the situation gets out of control. Here comes the benefit of mobile vans more exactly, in accessing almost every location and educating people in the reduction of the blood pressure. This can lower the myocardial infarction and stroke risk and at the same time improve the patient’s condition.
    Diabetes and hypercholesterolemia are other chronic diseases which require special care and medication. People who are facing these illnesses have to be educated on proper lifestyle changes in order to control their health in optimal condition. The portable medical clinic is present to support this group of individuals and help them in achieving success over these health challenges.
  • Increasing self-efficacy. According to many searches, portable medical clinics patients report bigger self-confidence and also the ability of self-care management about their chronic diseases. There is a trusting relationship between the doctors in vans and their patients which motivate persons to adopt positive behaviors which are healthier and better. This way, the portable clinics place the patients in a particular position by enabling them to be the part of health care communication, to feel the sense of involvement and self-efficacy in the handling process of their own health condition.

The positive impact of portable medical clinics is also seen in the reports from patients where they value the familiar environment with their doctors and the easy way they can talk to. The small space also plays an important role because this way they get closer to each other and it facilitates the relationship in a local and communicative way. It is very important to mention that portable medical clinics are an attraction for persons who are having poor health-seeking manners.

Furthermore, Portable Medical Clinics are listed as an integral section of the health care system which delivers health care to hard reaching populations including the traditional system. Their number is increasing across the countries because of its positive impact on the entire population. No matter that these medical units can do so much for the affected people they are playing an important role in the preventive and educative part of the individual’s health care condition. It is notable that the vans have limited services and that the most of it have to be done in the hospitals and bigger medical centers. It is very important to mention that this medical model serves as a step forward between the medical clinic and the entire community.

Finally, it is worth to still take a look at the benefits that the portable medical clinic has to offer. It is a great opportunity for someone to have convenient, cheap, effective care in a friendly, relaxed and trustful atmosphere. However, continuous studies have to be done in order to demonstrate the way how these medical model works and also if an improvement is needed in the capacity of these portable clinics.

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Last Update: August 22nd, 2017

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