How to Maximize the Productivity of Mobile Vehicles Serving as Medical Offices

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The urban lifestyle in the big cities throughout the world is not accessible for all people. Some of the common population lives in villages or geographically isolated locations which also need some kind of medical help. The best solution when it comes to improving our health is to follow the instructions from the medical healthcare providers and those are maintaining healthy habits which would give positive benefits to our overall health.

The most effective and suitable way to improve the satisfaction and care of the patient is to reduce the treatment cost and make medical service close to their local area. The implications of this kind of projects managed by health organizations or hospitals could be very subtle. Because of these several reasons, mobile clinics are becoming more and more available to patients.

The main reasons why hospitals and other health institutions are hard to access for certain people are related to health insurance and the transport deficiency. Mobile medical vans are here for offering their warm and kind services to all people who need them and who can’t go to fixed-site medical offices.

Mobile Medical Vans

Chronic health situations such as high-fat diets, stress, smoking, diabetes, high-blood pressure, are very common in the homeless population. According to many searches, the rates of patients with high-risk illnesses are increasing and because of the mistrust of many health institutions, delivering the healthcare to these areas is exceptional and challenging.

  • Type of mobile vehicles and their design. It is important for patients to know that mobile medical units involve recreational vehicles, passenger vans, trucks or buses. Another type of these vehicles is self-designed with one or more rooms and many other different facilities. Other accessories and medical gear are among the options and they dictate the size of the vehicle.

However, mobile medical vans use some kind of innovative marketing strategies so they can become more popular in the planned area.

Marketing strategies for increasing the productivity of mobile medical clinics

Almost every supportive organization which approves grants for these projects advertises their mobile medical assessment to potential patients at the targeted area. The marketing programs may have aggressive flow depending on the longevity and capacity of the medical service. Those guides publicize the medical help and promote different schedules. They become popular among homeless people and underserved too and later mobile medical clinics rely on their reputation. Most of the responsible managers of these projects claim that word of mouth is the main marketing strategy. Because these places are small and the information can be easily spread throughout the people who live there.

Another interesting marketing campaign is creating flyers, posters, signs, and pamphlets, weekly newspapers or brochures. Some managers may include social media strategy or radio and TV marketing.

Outreach strategies are another form of gaining publicity and productivity of medical mobile vans. This plan of action includes advance visits in regular places, training and education, participation in health fairs and community meetings. Some marketers may ask for “stronger collaboration” and by this, they mean better organizing in scheduling system especially in small places where mobile medical assessment is the only healthcare source. There are also urban programs which are related to police or clergy for better accessing those critical areas.

Some of the managers of these great projects make presentations at some drop-in centers and agencies which serve this kind of population. They also present their medical services on some program which is similar to their, such as the project for the homeless connecting day.

But, another thing to consider before starting a campaign like this, to organize meeting in front of community members who will later inform their people about this project. This way, the participants will gain more popularity and the outcome of the project will be better and will satisfy the manager’s expectations.

The visibility of the mobile medical unit is another marketing strategy. The manager’s advice is to put some logo on the van just to make more comfortable people who are identified as homeless. There are special appearances for the little ones, colorful and happy scenes with interesting graphic designs. The images are designed to be kid friendly and to attract public by looking clean and modern.


Advertising has a positive impact on the human population and it gains positive marks which are addressed to the final outcome. The project would be successful if patients are satisfied with the staff and the medical service.

However, the design of the medical van has influence over the relationship between patients and medical professionals. Few steps in simple design should be considered as an attractive option for kids and also for those who are scared and terrified from medical interventions.

The managers of these projects have to focus on delivering better healthcare assessment to those people who really need it. Here are presented five steps which could improve the productivity and efficiency of the mobile medical vans:

  • Developing well-designed team stations which will improve the interactions
  • Place agreeable furnishing in order to encourage the patient engagement
  • Have some interesting distractions to relieve the anxiety of the patients
  • Rearranging the space just to be more spacious and also welcoming
  • The usage of new and advanced technology may increase the connection with patients

These space and marketing – optimization alternatives can improve the productivity and efficiency of medical mobile vans simply by attracting patients and increasing the percentage of delivering better healthcare to underserved or homeless people.

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