How Social Support for Bone Density Screening Van Becomes an Alternative for Improving Public Health

bone density screening

All interventions for the entire human population are performed to promote the overall health condition of the community. They are done in order to prevent diseases, disability, injury, and also premature death. These health related interventions should involve the following procedures:

• Assessment
• Disease prevention
• Health promotion
• Service monitoring
• Evaluation

There are methods which involve community projects, media interventions, and public educational workshops.

The bone health is very responsive to population and also to community-based interventions. There are several reasons which explain this fact. Fractures and bone loss often affect a large group of the human population and they could be prevented during the whole period of human life. These days’ generations have the lack of knowledge about different information on how to prevent themselves from these type injuries. This project has been shown as an effective one in improving the bone health considering the physical activities and smoking decrease.

Some hospitals and medical organizations create an event in which they offer mobile van that would be open to the public. These vans offer bone density screening for the targeted population. The van contains DEXA scanner and would be open several hours during the optional days. This initiative is a great idea because it can help a lot of people to stay informed about their bone health. The well-trained staff provides the best possible options and services of diagnosing and testing Osteoporosis for men and women. The medical health care providers are focused on their work and they create relevant reports.

The explanation of scanning process

Patients have to know the length of the procedure and for general visits, it lasts about fifteen minutes. But, this is not a fixed time because there are patients who have mobility difficulties and for them, the doctors need much time. So, all people have to be patient because their turn will come anyway. For this procedure all patients could remain fully clothed during the scan process but only if they don’t wear any metal around their waist and also the hip area. The most important information about the procedure is that it is completely painless and non-invasive. This is by far the most frequently asked question which plays a key role when it comes to having a bone screening procedure.

Bone density scanning vans are modern and sophisticated. They have a comfortable room for waiting until their turn comes. There is also a ramp for the access of the patients. Another great thing is that these vans offer wheelchair access because there is one person who can help in this situation. The mobile clinic has also a special device for scanning patients utilizing three anatomical sites, the femur, the lumbar spine (L1 – L4), and the forearm.

Brief information about Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a major problem which affects more and more adults. It is characterized by low bone mass, porous bone, structural deterioration which makes the fracture risk higher. Screening procedures and diagnosis utilize a bone mineral density (BMD) measurement which estimates the strength of the bone. The most validated technique to measure the BMD is the dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA). There are many other techniques which are used for the same purpose but, this one is the most widely used.

The Bone Control Strategy

All patients with bone related diseases suffer from loss of function and pain. The main goal of management of these illnesses is to reduce the pain level, slow cartilage destruction, reduce disability, reduces inflammation and to improve the function. The control is divided into three parts: Prevention, Diagnosis and Medical Management which could be non-pharmacological and pharmacological. The prevention is a great strategy addressing these diseases. Because of all this, bone density screenings are very effective in the early detection and diagnosis.

The bone diseases are dangerously ignored and the public awareness seems to be suboptimal in the most countries. Because of all this, the initiative of having mobile bone density screening vans is great and represents a good example of how people should take care of their own health.

The essential characteristic is awareness which is not very well progressed in people. Self-awareness is great and people have to improve their health with this type of medical help. Mobile density screening vans have great impact on the entire population by increasing the patient’s interest in having a better quality of life.

However, Health behavior changes are needed and they are used in many educational projects. This theory claims that these changes can increase self-regulation abilities, and at the same time enhancing social facilitation. The final outcome has a positive influence on the long-term results of improved health status. Using a theoretical framework for mobile clinics brings the health in the patient’s hands. It is a great opportunity which has to be considered and improved every time when there is a possibility to be done.

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Last Update: September 13th, 2017

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