Are Mobile Dental Vehicles the Future of Traditional Dentistry in the USA?

traditional dentistry


The future dental professionals will be more inclined to use digitalized systems and tools for improving their everyday workflow. In the next ten years, dentistry would follow the medical imaging model in the digital world. This would be implemented not only in the developed countries but everywhere around the world. As technology is progressing rapidly, the dental fields are also going through a very big transition. The dental professionals from earlier generations would start to use digital cameras, advanced technologies, and they would have better collaboration.

In the future, dentists would not spend their time only at their fixed conventional dental offices, but they would also be in mobile dental trailers and coaches which would deliver the dental health to the patient’s door. There are different types of people who have various dental needs and also motivations, that’s why express dental care is essential. Early dental treatment is becoming the main focus with the accent of prevention of the children teeth. Because many people can’t afford to have a dental consultation or dental care or they have some kind of difficulty to reach a dental clinic, the mobile dental trailers & Coaches are a very good option for delivering dental care.

Reaching Underserved Population

Those persons who are living in the remote areas globally don’t get enough dental care. They only visit a dentist when they experience some serious dental problem. Because of all this, the model of mobile dental vans is invented and implemented in the USA. Special dental therapists are trained to serve this underserved population and at the same time educate them about all preventive dental measurements. This program is marked as excellent because regular check-ups, cleanings and filling cavities are done in order to improve the dental health of underserved populations. The focus is always prevention and education on how to brush, floss and rinse. These dentists have to explain why prevention is inevitable and also that tooth cavity could be prevented. The success of mobile dental vans model brought this to reality by confirming that dental workers could deliver their services in some other way. Depending on the dental equipment inside the mobile trailer, the dentists would perform more or less complex treatments. Digital Panoramic 2D systems, CBCT 3D systems, Implant/surgical motors with attachments can also be installed in the Mobile Dental Trailers and Vans to provide more complex dental procedures to the patients.

It is good to know that in the territory of the USA, there is a need for real and accessible dental care. This is explained by the fact that many American citizens don’t have medical or dental insurance. To overcome these challenges, the model of mobile dental trailers was implemented in this health system. Dentists on wheels could deliver dental care in the underserved regions and schools. However, there still can be gaps in this model but, government in conjunction with the nonprofit organizations are working to improve the quality of this great program.

Mobile dentistry is on its way

There is a big opportunity for all dental professionals to expand their patient’s base and at the same time they will help in improving this public problem. There are more and more patients who want to maintain constant dental care but because of some financial shortcoming or physical trauma, they can’t access the dental offices. This is one of many reasons why mobile dental clinics are created. These mobile/portable dental clinics give their dental help/service for a reduced fee or with no charge at all.

Mobile dental care includes dental services to people who are not able to travel long distances to reach a dental help care. These dental clinics can offer a complete treatment even for the complex cases.

The relation between the dental profession and the mobile dentistry clinic

Being a dentist is such a great privilege because you could help people by solving their pain which comes from their teeth. Mobile dentistry is not a big challenge for most of the dental professionals but it can be performed at any stage of the dental career. Young dentists often want to have experience in this dental sector because they are enthusiastic and want to discover new things and try new programs. Dentists who are considering a retirement would for sure choose a traditional dental office with a flexible and reduced schedule. Treating patients from underserved areas means that you have to be more patient and have more time and that’s why young dentists including graduating dental students and dentists considering retirement are also suitable for this health model.


Mobile dental clinics are representing a good model of practicing dentistry around the word and promote dental education by reaching low-income populations. In some situations, these dental professionals are using digital cameras or other equipment to reach treated patients. This is very simple because dentists by using webcams could examine the condition of the patient after a tooth removal or other dental intervention.

The global attention for dental prevention is growing and dental mobile clinics are becoming an important part of the whole medical system. All these things are important in order to deliver better lifestyle habits and grow better generations.

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