Access the Use of Dental Van and increase the awareness of dental hygiene on This National Dental Hygiene Month

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All dentists from around the world wish their patients a Happy National Dental Hygiene Month. The significance of this day is to present good oral health care habits and maintenance to the audience from all ages.
October is this celebrating month which brings an effort to help increase the awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy and bright smiles. The main motives and components of good oral health care habits are the following ones:

  • Brushing teeth at least twice per day.
    • People have to remember that they should always brush their teeth two minutes at least two times per day.
  • Flossing every day.
    • Patients have to ensure themselves that flossing is their daily habit.
    • They have to try some applications which would remind them if they gave trouble to remember this important dental activity.
  • Rinsing with mouthwash.
    • Patients have the right to know that the usage of mouthwash is very important in improving their oral health.
    • Rinse twice per day to keep the bad breath away.
  • Chew Sugar-free gum
    • Patients are advised to chew sugar-free gums after every meal in order to prevent the appearance of tooth decay.

The explanation of the proper brushing procedure
According to American Dental Association patients have to focus on proper brushing their teeth twice per day with a special soft-bristled toothbrush at least two minutes. People have to remember that the shape and the size of their chosen toothbrush have to fit the mouth and allow them reaching all spaces easily.

Here are few helpful steps which describe this brushing technique:

  • Patients have to place their brush at a specific angle to their gums more exactly at a 45-degree.
  • Gentle moves have to be applied with the toothbrush back and also forth in short strokes.
  • People have to brush the inner surfaces, the outer surfaces and also the chewing surfaces.
  • When patients want to clean the inside areas of the front teeth in both jaws, they have to tilt the toothbrush in a vertical position and make few up-and-down movements.
  • Another important thing is to brush their tongue in order to clean the bacteria from this area and to keep their breath fresh.

It is very important to remove food particles which are stuck between teeth once a day so the patients can avoid the formation of plaque which when not cleaned may eventually turn to calculus or tartar. The usage of mouthwashes helps in the reduction of chances of dental caries appearance and at the same time fights against dental infections. They protect the gums and help in the maintenance of the overall oral health care.

The obtained results from the last clinical studies give information which claims that chewing sugarless gum about 20 minutes after some meal may help in the prevention of dental caries. This is explained by the fact that chewing increases the saliva’s flow and it washes away the remained food and debris. At the same time, it neutralizes acids which are produced by bacteria found in the patient’s mouth.

All this is explained and supported by the usage of mobile dental vans which spread the initiative in delivering primary oral health care in almost every area of the world. These doctors give the possibility to every human being to improve their oral health simply by presenting this crucial information for maintaining healthy oral health care habits.

The main purpose of these mobile dental units is to promote oral care through many different programs which contain interesting and educational videos, photos and live demonstrations. Some of them are addressed to parents because they can influence their children. Mobile dental vans have important champagne which will communicate with patients from all ages. They collaborate, educate and at the same time celebrate this month which gives special effort in the oral health improvement.

The goals or accessing dental health care through mobile dental units involve education of the audience empowering them simply to develop healthy habits and also encouraging them to schedule an appointment to their dentist regularly. The mission is obvious and it is to create more beautiful smiles, to share more time smiling, and also to share more healthy smiles.

The big motto of this healthy initiative is when parents insist on maintaining good oral health care habits, the whole family wins.

By having access in more worldwide areas to celebrate this month, dentists advertise this activity on many different social media platforms so they can increase the number of reaching patients. They promote this action so they can obtain healthy mouth and smiles. Another interesting part from the champagne of mobile dental vans is to share a photo together with the dental practitioner and patient with a special hashtag which would help to promote this initiative and also the significance of this month.

Just to remember that these mobile vans are fully equipped and experienced dental workers are here to present their knowledge and share different techniques for creating beautiful smiles. These vans bring smiles on wheels which are good for everybody.

Happy National Dental Hygiene Month to everyone!

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Last Update: October 31st, 2017

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