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Being healthy is the first thing a human being could wish or think about. People look after their health and they want to give the best they can about staying or being healthy. They spend a lot of money on healthy and raw food but they have to be aware that the food is not the only thing that matters when it comes to having a healthy lifestyle. Individuals tend to change their habits and turn them into sports activities and also change their meal habits. But, what happens when we fall down because of some illness? We ask for some kind of medical help of course if we could afford it. There are people in this world who work in special conditions or organizations and they also need medical help.

Portable medical clinics are a new way of making medical services available for everyone in almost every situation. They could be designed for several reasons and different conditions. Some of them are designed for delivering medical care to those individuals who are without access to medical activities. These types of clinics are often used to deliver medical care to camp occupants, civilians, or military people who are in some humanitarian operations.

There are clinics which can be easily mobilized and organized in an expandable containerized option and later be transported by trailer or truck. Another alternative could be the semi-permanent option which could be set up even on the ground. Engineers have designed medical units which could be serviced, transported, and accessed on a barge or a ship. This is an excellent idea of delivering medical care literally to everyone.

These types of medical clinics offer patient care involving:

  • Reception and also examination or all patients who are registered
  • Providing essential injury care and stabilization of the current situation of the patient
  • Diagnosing and at the same time treating the arrived patients

The most important thing that has to be considered is that these clinics can be configured and later modified in order to meet the best standards in a simple way by adding or displacing components. They can change only the interior layouts and bring the best for the current situation. People have to be informed that these clinics contain special units and devices that are created according to proper medical standards and certificates. All medical systems and equipment are specially designed for obtaining the maximum from the given situation. Portable medical clinics are very compact and they are invented for rapid transportation, redeployment and set up and because of this, they can be anywhere in the world when and where they are needed. Some mobile clinics are sophisticated and offer specialized medical care such as:

  • Dental
  • Ophthalmology
  • Gynecology
  • Vaccination
  • Medical equipment supply
  • X-ray

Some hospitals and medical organizations throughout the world send portable clinics on most days of the week, in rural villages in coordination with the local Ministry of Health. The residents of these areas have difficulty in accessing medical care in the central clinics. Because of this, the decision is made and those organizations bring the portable clinic to them and at the same time offering complete medical services and a pharmacy. This way, these health care providers allow continuity of medical care for those patients who are in remote villages.

Mobile medical services are a great solution for those patients who do a large volume of annual testing and also for those clients who need temporary medical services for a consultation or some medical opinion. Some of the portable clinics contain lab draw. Thanks to this, they can do some tests without the need of waiting and losing time in the local hospitals.

Mobile medical buildings are an excellent choice because never before has there been a need for rapidly available emergency medical services as people have today. Communicable diseases are spread with high speed nowadays and because of these situations, people have to take care of themselves. Earthquakes, floods, forest fires, and hurricanes can cause terrible situations and worsen a human’s health. These situations show that the need is big and the urgency is crucial.

The most sophisticated portable medical buildings have more rooms including bathrooms, kitchens or walkways. It is good to mention that they are fully insulated, fire resistant, durable, and waterproof. They have all the amenities a person needs to get the job done on time. Triage units, storage facilities, mobile hospital wards, and decontamination space are additional options for the newest and luxurious mobile clinics. They are the ideal solution for sports events, fundraising campaigns, or exhibitions. Another great thing is that these clinics offer the possibility to connect multiple shelters in order to make complexes. They can expand in order to meet the client’s needs.

This is a revolutionary step in the modern mobile medical clinics which would progress in the close future.

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Last Update: September 9th, 2017

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