A Health Screening Van aims to Immunize Every Kids as Routine Childhood Immunization is Necessary for Children

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Every child, teen and adult needs to have access to routine immunization to prevent diseases and death. The immunization for flu are required every year to keep up with the variations in the flu strain which is a certain biological form of the influenza or flu virus. The routine immunizations are identified by each age groups from birth to 6 years, 7 to 18 years and adults over 18 years. Many parents deny the lifesaving immunizations to their family at a great risk to their lives citing religious preference. Populations in some parts of the developing countries fail to receive or access immunization because of many obstacles. Mobile Medical Screening Vans are uniquely suitable to provide health care, immunizations, dental care and health education to families, especially the ones located in rural, underserved and remote areas around the world.

The month of August has been appointed as National Immunization and Influenza Vaccination Awareness month. It is vital that every family member receive all essential immunizations to ensure healthy population. According to Col. Richard Looney, director of the US Army’s Military vaccination program, “Immunizations have prevented over 42,000 deaths and 20 million cases of disease over the past decade culminating in billions of dollars in related healthcare costs savings and diseases have fallen to 90 percent or more since the 20th century”

According to UNICEF more than 30 million children are unimmunized either because vaccinations are unavailable, because vaccines are expensive, because health services are poorly provided or inaccessible, or because families are uninformed or misinformed about when and why to bring their children for immunization. Pneumonia, diarrhea, malaria, measles, HIVAIDS and malnutrition are the major killers of children in the developing world. Military conflict in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are responsible for malnourished children with reduced immune systems causing a variety of illness. The fatality rate is substantially higher compared to the areas without military conflicts. The impact of childhood vaccinations under the decade of vaccines (DOV), an initiative for collective action was announced by Bill Gates at the 2010 World Economic Forum.

Routine vaccines are those that are recommended for everyone.
2017 Recommended Immunizations for children from birth through 6 years old.
1* Varicella Vaccine Protects against Chickenpox
2* DTaP Vaccine Protects against Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis
3 Hib Vaccine Protects against Hoemophilus Influenza type b
4* Hep-A Vaccine Protects against Hepatitis A
5* Hep-B Vaccine Protects against Hepatitis B
6* Flu Vaccine Protects against Influenza
7* MMR Vaccine Protects against Measles, Mumps, Rubella
8* IPV Vaccine Protects against Polio
9 PCV Vaccine Protects against Pneumococcus
10 RV Vaccine Protects against Rotavirus

2017 Recommended Immunizations for Children 7 through 18 years’ old
1 All the items with an asterisk listed for children from birth to 6 years old.
2 HPV Vaccine Protects against Human Papillomavirus
3 Meningococcal Vaccine Protects against Meningococcal Disease
4 Pneumococcal Vaccine Protects against Pneumococcal Disease

Health Screening Van to immunize children can be funded by community contributions, corporate sponsorships, foundation grants and donations. Access to immunizations, oral care and health education for uninsured and medically underserved children and their families can be provided at no cost or a small fee. Mobile Health Screening Vans overcome the barriers associated with conventional healthcare facilities located in the populated region like major metropolises. Lack of transportation, lack of health insurance, financial and logistic issues are some of the obstacles that prevent rural and remote area populations from receiving healthcare and age-appropriate immunizations and dental care. Mobile Medical Health Screening Van can be equipped with Dental Equipment, Medical Tables and dental/medical professionals or graduating students from dental/medical colleges. The Mobile Medical Vans are uniquely suited to bring the health, dental and immunization care to the door steps of underserved populations.

Our Mobile Health Screening Vans make it easy to drive anywhere. All units are designed, assembled and tested to meet the safety standards. Each 40 feet coach has features like air ride suspension, heating and air conditioning, wheelchair lifts, leveling system, 22.5 KW generator, shore power hookup, automatic hydraulically controlled levelling system, fiberglass stepwell entry system and more. Mobile Health Screening Coach enhances your practice for rural, slum, impoverished, urban and remotely located communities, business parks, retirement and nursing home members.

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